June 5, 2015

Data Analytics

Accumulating data is not an issue, how to use it for your benefit is always an issue with most of the firms. We, at Decigy, inspect, clean, transform, and model data with the goal to discover useful information, suggest conclusions, and support decision-making. We take businesses deep dive into their data to uncover actionable items for better decision and strategy planning. We help you create business intelligence tools to monitor your business progress in a timely manner.

Our process is generally divided into exploratory data analysis (EDA), where features in the data are discovered, and confirmatory data analysis (CDA), where we help draw conclusions based on the EDA process. This is how we approach the analytics process:

What’s Needed and Data Integrity: We start with asking our clients what questions they are trying to answer and making sure they align with the analytics process. We also believe that sound data is the foundation for accurate decision making. Our first step is to review the data and make sure it gives us all the necessary information we need to analyze. We share any findings with our clients so that we can notify them of any current or potential data integrity issues.

Data Research: Before we work on specific data requests, we explore the data at a very high level to find any anomalies and unusual trends that may be meaningful.  This is very important step as the findings in this process may take priority over our previously planned analytics process.

Data Analysis: This is the most critical and time consuming process of any analytics project. This is where we take a deep dive into the data to answer the questions we ask in our first step.

Presentation: All the analysis and work on the data is useless, if it could not be presented in a effective and understandable way. We try to make it visually appealing and make sure the data tell a story in a simple way that fits need of the audience.

We specialize in:

  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Market Data Analytics